(partial list)

Elected and Appointed Leaders:

Jerry Hill

 CA State Senator

Kevin Mullin

 CA State Assemblymember/
Speaker proTem

Don Horsley

San Mateo County Supervisor

Dave Pine

San Mateo County Supervisor

Laura Parmer-Lohan

Vice Mayor, City of San Carlos

Sara McDowell

San Carlos City Councilmember

Adam Rak

San Carlos City Councilmember

Mark Olbert

San Carlos City Councilmember

Ray Mueller- Menlo Park City Council

Charles Stone-Belmont Vice Mayor

Carol Elliott-President, San Carlos School Board of Trustees

Neil Layton-San Carlos School Board of Trustees


Don Bradley- San Carlos Planning Commissioner

Ellen Garvey-San Carlos Planning Commissioner

Jim Iacoponi-San Carlos Planning Commissioner

David Roof-San Carlos Planning Commissioner

Community Leaders


John Buchanan-Mayor, San Carlos (Former)

Tom Davids-Mayor, San Carlos (Former)

Don Eaton-Mayor, San Carlos (Former)

Bob Grassilli-Mayor, San Carlos (Former)

Cameron Johnson-Mayor, San Carlos (Former)

Andy Klein- Mayor, San Carlos (Former)

Cathy Baird

Josh Becker

Brian Best

Debbie Denton

Bob Dehner

Jean Dehner

Steve Divney

Monette Meredith

Brian Perkins

Aida Soto

Lou Soto

Laura Teutschel

Linda Teutschel



Peninsula Young Democrats

San Mateo County Democratic Party

San Mateo County Labor Council

San Mateo County Association of Realtors

Teamsters Local 350

Teamsters Local 856


"It's important that local elected leaders work together, facing issues head on, to protect our communities. I hope you’ll join me to ensure San Carlos remains the City of Good Living while we work together to address our challenges and keep this a community that we are all proud to call home. I hope to earn your vote on November 3rd."

- John Dugan, Candidate for San Carlos City Council

Priorities for San Carlos

Economic Development

Public Safety


Traffic and Infrastructure